Big Dog Walkin’ is Exxpandin’!

That’s right! Our vision to provide the BEST dog (and pet) care is confirmed yet again! Less than 3 years ago we NEEDED to move our business out of our apartment on Comm. Ave. and we landed at our current space. NOW we need MORE space, both for dogs and hoomans, and will be taking over the old Brighton Fish Co.! Currently we are in the midst of construction but will post photos once the project nears completion!Dec 12 2015 009

A huge THANK YOU to the whole BDW COMMUNITY: clients, staff, neighbors, family, friends and GOD! We are so lucky and blessed to have such a great network of dog-centric peeps.

Thank you and help us keep the positive vibes flowin’ – Ian, Jake, Em 🙂Oct 24 2015 073

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