Boarding with Sarah and Jackie!

We are Jackie and Sarah, two roommates living in Brighton. We are huge dog lovers and have grown up with dogs our entire lives.

sarahsarah 7

We have two dogs of our own, Ruby and Lexi, along with our other two furry cat brothers, Bean and Bear.

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Our apartment has plenty of room to romp and play, and at night we welcome our canine companions to pile into our beds.  You can tell as soon as you walk into our home that the dogs rule the house, with our massive toy bins and dog beds everywhere!

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Ruby is very calm and is great with shy and quieter dogs, and Lexi has lots of energy and loves to play with puppies.

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On a typical weekend you can find us taking walks around our Oak Square neighborhood, spending lots of time at the dog park, or cuddled on the couch watching Animal Planet. We love boarding dogs because we are passionate animal lovers and love to open our home to extra company. Ruby and Lexi enjoy the dog parties as much as we do!

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