Summer Updates

For most people, summer is the time for long vacations and weekend trips, family gatherings and picnics with friends, camping outdoors and relaxing in bed. But here at Big Dog Walkin’, we like to Make Changes and Get Stuff Done in the summer! We’ve made lots of exciting updates in the store this season, check it out:

The Walls:

Look at this wall. White. Plain. Boooooooring!


Hi Tessie! No, you’re not boring. That’s not what I said. I would never say that about you.

But NOW look at the wall! Teal! Complex! Interesting!


Yes? Can I help you?

And somehow manages to make any pictures taken in front of it look like a professional photo.


No, really, this was a candid shot. I just found them like that.

And there’s a chalkboard! Now our visitors, two- and four-legged, can leave notes during visits. Nifty!


Leave a message, we’ll get back to you.

The Floor:

Remember these floors? And all the cartoony slip n’ slide fun that happened on them?


What are you doing, Sully? Get up. You look ridiculous.

Well NOW, we’ve effectively dog-proofed! Our pups get traction that’s soft on their paws and joints during those full speed somersaults off the couch, while we humans enjoy the completely sealed, easy-to-clean aspects.


Is this floor new? Let’s pee on it. For science.

The Store:

We got new products in, with many a willing dog model! Need an iPawd? Or a PupPad?


Moki always flaunts the latest technology.

Or a delightful chewtoy that contributes to Autism Awareness?


I don’t understand. You put a toy in front of me, and I’m NOT supposed to chew it?

Or an awesome new collar for your furry friend?


Pretty sure this is the definition of “over-accessorizing”

We’re always ordering and stocking new products, so keep checking in to see what we’ve got!

The Anniversary/Birthday:

Our BDW mascot Jake graciously allowed us to celebrate our store’s 1 Year Anniversary on his birthday. We are constantly amazed with the progress we’ve made since opening the store, and it is all because of you, our awesome clients. We had a great turnout at the party and King Jake was very pleased.


The King of Westeros on his Ian Throne.

The Changes Yet to Come:

While we are so glad to have gotten all this done this summer, there is still always more to do. In the coming months we’re looking forward to extending our hours, finishing the basement space, and adding bath services. We’ll keep you posted!

And then it’ll be winter, and we can hibernate.


You’ve got the right idea, Jack.

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