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Big Dog Walkin’ started in 2012 the old fashioned way: walking dogs in our neighborhood in Brighton! It was our ambition to provide dogs with lots of love, attention, exercise and play! We quickly grew from our apartment on Commonwealth Avenue to a full-service pet care company providing walks, daycare, dog-park trips, boarding, bathing and cat visit services to the communities of Allston/Brighton, Brookline, Newton and Watertown.


Today, our company stands for high quality dog care. We have worked hard to create a safe and comfortable space for dogs and their owners.


All team members at Big Dog Walkin' are trained and experienced dog handlers and owners who strive to treat your pup like their own.


In short, we are dog people who love what we do and can’t wait to meet you! At Big Dog Walkin, every dog is a big dog at heart… and treated like a lap dog!


Located right on Chestnut Hill Ave, our facility consists of 3000 sq ft of dedicated doggie space. Our floors our covered with a rubberized gym matting meant to ease the strain on your dog's joints as they romp and roam throughout the day. Our space is complete with dog beds and and blankets for the comfort of the pups when they need a break. Sanitized daily to discourage the spread of disease, we pride ourselves on keeping a clean facility. With water provided all day and an outdoor potty area, you're dog will have everything they need for their home away from home!




Our management is made up of hard working, dog loving people! We may all come from different backgrounds but we have one thing in common, we're all commited to making our dog's lives the best they can be.

Originally from the Allston/Brighton/Brookline area, Ian also owns and operates Sunset Barquis in West Hollywood, CA. 

When not completely covered in puppies from Big Dog Walkin', Ian enjoys listening to music, traveling, and sitting at the beach pondering his next venture.

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