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It's not just the exercise, it's the friends

Big Dog Walkin' was founded on the idea that every dog needs socialization just like we do. We like to say that daycare is not just about getting some energy out, it's about the friends your pup makes. In addition to our indoor daycare space, we bring our dogs outside multiple times a day for let outs and walks so they can get some fresh air and additional exercise.


Exercise: It’s well known and documented that pent up energy can transform into bad behavior. Dogs love to play with other dogs, and we love letting them do that. Every dog owner knows the best exercise for their pooch is when they can engage with other dogs. That’s why we emphasize healthy interaction in a cage-free environment. Our dogs have the freedom to run, wrestle and play with their pals all day resulting in a tired pack!


Socialize: We feel it important to provide dogs with exposure to different stimuli and opportunities to socialize with one another. Dogs of all ages and sizes have an opportunity to mix and mingle at Big Dog Walkin’. The truth is, dogs love to play with other dogs, and we love letting them do that.


Behavior: From our experience, a regularly exercised dog that is provided extensive opportunities to socialize with human and canine alike are more easily trained and better behaved. 


Tune in to all of your dog’s fun each day! Big Dog Walkin’ posts daily photos and videos of the dogs socializing on our Instagram and Facebook page. If you don't see your pup featured in a photo, be sure to check out our Instagram story for even more silly, goofy, cuddly, snuggly, crazy fun! 




Haleigh & Tucker

My tucker absolutely LOVES daycare. They take such great care of the dogs there. There is a small dog and a big dog room and they also take them to the park and on walks if you opt out of the park. The managers are awesome and knows every dog by name and even the dog parents. They have a 'mascot' dog who is also extremely friendly!!! I recommend this place to anyone who's had a tough time finding a reliable day care! We switched from an awful place down the street where my dog was traumatized. He is now recovered and loves day care, he jumps out of my hands when he sees the place!!

Kelly & Oksana

We've been using Big Dog Walkin' for doggy day care 2-3 times per week since we adopted our *very playful* lab mix puppy (now over a year ago). Day care has been amazing to help socialize her as well as get out some of her crazy play energy. The hours are also great, 7a-7p. It allows us to drop her off in the morning before we need to leave for work, as well as run a few errands after work before we need to pick her up. The staff are all super friendly and clearly love dogs. It's great to know my fur baby is having a blast with her four and two legged friends!

Ana, Cookie & Cannoli

Best doggy daycare! We are happy to be part of BDW family. Ian, Emily and their staff are always friendly, Cookie and Cannoli love going there, our dogs are not our pets, they are our kids and it is very important for us to have them happy while we are working, BDW is their home away from home, they are treated like family. Cannoli loves his trips to the park and we love to receive him dirty and tired at the end of the day, that means he had the best day.  I can't say enough good things about BDW. Thank you guys for taking such good care of Cookie and Cannoli.

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